Dubai: Popular cricketer Robin Uthappa moved to Dubai in March this year. His wife Shheethal had just given birth to his second baby. But he was also diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Between Uthappa’s tour commitments and the challenges Shheethal was going through, establishing his new home at Arabian Ranches was a herculean task. In fact, many of his things remained intact in his house in Bengaluru, from where they moved because they couldn’t get around to sorting, shipping and unpacking them in Dubai.

But in what was a pure case of coincidence, they met a home organizer at a mutual friend’s house and decided to hire her to do what was needed.

Robin Uthappa and Shheethal with organizers Raina Jain and Zuweina Kapasi.

Image credit: supplied

“It was the best decision we made,” said Uthappa, who cannot thank organizer Raina Jain of Bless The Mess enough.

“I was coming back from a tour and couldn’t believe my eyes when they showed me my dressing room,” he recalled. Even by his highly organized standards, what he found was something “unbelievable.” A place for everything and everything in its place, be it t-shirts, caps, t-shirts or jeans, shoes, watches and perfumes.

“In just three days, everything was neatly stacked and meticulously labeled. Even the sorting and packing back to Bengaluru was done by the organiser,” he said.

For Shheethal, the help could not have been more timely, given his condition. “A big weight was lifted off my shoulders. And until that moment, I never knew you could get professional help organizing your personal belongings.”

Jain, a chartered accountant by profession but a home organizer by passion, said she found her calling after being inspired by an international online series on how professional organizers transform spaces.

“My partner Zuweina Kapasi, also a CA, and I studied the topic and began creating personalized plans to organize spaces in homes and offices, implementing simple systems that worked and were easy to maintain,” he said.

“We tidy and organize any type of space, from bedrooms, kitchens and closets to bathrooms, game rooms and garages. We even take care of paper and digital clutter. And for those with travel anxiety, we pack and organize your bags to also optimize your baggage allowance,” he added.