Travelers will undergo a simplified process at check-in counters where their biometric data will be scanned.

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Published: Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 11:32

Last update: Thursday, October 19, 2023, 11:12

Smart technology is shaping Dubai’s future. Soon, you the face will be your money; you travel in a flying taxi and pass smart doors for public transport. What is the next big innovation?

Dubai residents will be able to travel through the airport without passports, visas or any travel documents in the near future. This is stated by the integrated solutions provider Emaratech, which is at the forefront Gitex technology exhibition which began in Dubai on Monday.

The system, which facilitates seamless travel for passengers, is being developed under the ownership of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA Dubai) and in partnership with Emirates Airlines and Dubai Airport.

As demonstrated by Emaratech at GITEX, the GDRFA Dubai system receives passenger information and flight details before the passenger arrives at the airport.

At the check-in counter, passengers will undergo a simplified process in which their biometric data will be scanned. They will be provided with your complete travel itinerary and information, and will be facilitated in checking in their luggage.

The passengers’ faces will be their identity and will be used throughout the trip. When passengers arrive at immigration, instead of going to the counter, they will be able to go directly to the smart gate, where they will not need to use any travel documents as their faces are all the proof required.

Once through the smart gate, travelers can head to the duty-free, where their facial recognition and biometrics will verify their identity. The same will also apply at the boarding gate.

As long as the security check is clear and there are no fines on the traveler’s profile, traveling will be a piece of cake for people flying from Dubai airport.

Systems are being implemented

According to the company, an exact timeline for how soon these measures will be implemented is not yet ready. Some components of the seamless journey are already in place, such as the smart gate, which allows entry and exit through GDRFA Dubai at Dubai Airport. The rest of the components of the ongoing journey are still being discussed with all project partners.

In September, Emirates airline officials said that before the end of the year, the airline will be in a position to facilitate passengers’ check-in through their own identity to board the plane.

Dubai Airports has been working on the project, using the latest biometric technology. The system is currently undergoing testing at Dubai International Airport.

Last year, the first phase of a similar biometric check-in system was rolled out at Abu Dhabi International Airport, where passengers could obtain a boarding pass and avail other services using their facial scan.