Known for its luxury shopping, stunning modern architecture, inviting beaches and unforgettable desert safaris, Dubai It is a popular tourist destination for countless Brits.

However, as The conflict between Israel and Gaza intensifiesTravelers have been wondering if it is safe to travel to Dubai.

The recent attack on the Al-Ahli al-Arabi hospital in Loop On Tuesday, October 17, the city killed 471 Palestinians and injured 314 others. Loop The Health Ministry described it as an “Israeli massacre.” However, The president of the United States, Joe Biden, stated that the explosion was “carried out by the other team”pointing the finger Hamasa guilt strongly rejected by the group.

Currently, more than 3,300 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, and more than 13,000 have been injured, after Hamas killed more than 1,400 Israelis.

After days of international pleas, Israel ultimately agreed to allow humanitarian aid to be provided to Palestinians fleeing Gaza City to the south, but did not explain where and when this would happen.

Although not an immediate neighbor, the United Arab Emirates and therefore Dubai are feeling the heat of the conflict.

So is it safe to travel?

Has the conflict between Israel and Hamas affected Dubai?

After the Israel-The Hamas conflict begins, the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) made a statement, saying that the country does not “mix economics and trade with politics,” referring to the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with Israel, the country’s first free trade agreement with an Arab state.

The country has been trying to take a balanced approach, condemning the kidnapping of Israeli hostages and supporting Israel while announcing it will give $20 million in humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

Feeling the economic and political tensions, Dubai has not been affected by the events.

Is it safe to travel to the United Arab Emirates?

The Foreign Office has not issued any new travel advice or warning for the United Arab Emirates in months. So currently, the Government has not highlighted any risks related to Israel and Hamas to consider when traveling to and from the UAE.

The only issues it warns the British about are the missiles and drones that were launched at the UAE from Yemen in early 2022, followed by an arrest of the Houthis at civilian facilities in Abu Dhabi and other ballistic missiles, which were intercepted by their air defense forces. .

While online travel advice highlights that terrorists are likely to carry out attacks in the UAE, it also says that “around 1.5 million British citizens visit the UAE each year”, with the majority of “problem-free” travel.

Are flights from the UK still operating?

Flights to and from Dubai and other states in the UAE are operating as normal.

Britons can enter the Emirates without the need for a previously acquired visa. They are granted a visitor/tourist visa valid for up to 40 days free of charge upon arrival without the need to make any application.

However, Britons must ensure their passports are valid for a minimum of six months from the date of entry into the UAE.