• GNTO is accompanied by several partners ranging from city tourism offices, hotels, transportation and business partners.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – With Germany as the top destination for GCC tourists, the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) will further captivate the Gulf region with its compelling tour. From October 29 to November 2, the GNTO, together with nine esteemed partners, will embark on a journey through major Gulf cities, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait City, Doha and Abu Dhabi, strengthening ties and sharing knowledge with local tourism professionals. and media partners.

Yamina Sofo, Marketing and Sales Director of the Gulf Countries Office of the German National Tourist Office (GNTO), explained the objectives of the roadshow: “Our goal is not only to present Germany in the local tourism sector, but also diversify our campaign offering and share valuable knowledge with market experts.”

Ongoing campaigns such as Simply Feel Good, Historic.Modern.Germany and Embrace German Nature will take center stage on the tour, aligning their various unique offerings with the desires of the Gulf market. Key stakeholders will convey essential messages to the audience.

Two prominent local tourist offices are taking part in the tour: visitBerlin and the Munich Tourist Office, highlighting, among other things, next summer’s UEFA European Championship and the growing recognition as a capital of medical tourism.

Outletcity Metzingen, Europe’s largest retail outlet and known for housing 170 premium and luxury brands, will make important announcements during the tour. The newly opened Eventspace in the historic BOSS factory building will also be unveiled, adding to the excitement.

Under the theme “Luxury Reinterpreted for You”, Hommage Luxury Hotels Collections will present its properties designed for GCC guests. Steigenberger hotels offer a wide range of stays, from historic residences to serene retreats, and will showcase their rich heritage and modern amenities. Meanwhile, the Meiser Design Hotel combines a luxurious atmosphere with contemporary design and is designed for business trips and group getaways.

Lufthansa German Airlines to reveal attractive offers for GCC travelers and beyond. Rail Europe will also shine a light on sustainable travel options in Germany, putting a spotlight on Deutsche Bahn trains and providing insider travel advice. The House of 1,000 Clocks, a sixth-generation family business, will also participate.

GNTO’s GCC roadshow promises to open the doors to a world of unparalleled travel experiences for all types of travelers. For more information about Germany and its offers, visit https://www.germany.travel/en/home.html

About GNTB

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) works on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action to represent Germany as a tourist destination and is funded by the Ministry in accordance with a decision of the German Bundestag. In close collaboration with the German tourism industry and partners from the private sector and trade associations, the GNTB develops marketing strategies and campaigns to promote the positive image of Germany abroad as a tourist destination and encourage tourists to visit the country.

The main strategic areas of action of the GNTB are:

  • Develop evidence-based action plans based on targeted market research and ongoing analysis of market-specific customer demand (Sinus milieus).
  • Support the travel industry, dominated by small and medium-sized businesses, through relationship management and knowledge sharing.
  • Increase Destination Germany brand awareness and improve brand profile with a focus on sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Focus on sustainability and digitalization:

The GNTB promotes future tourism in line with the objectives of the German government. The focus here is on sustainability and digitalization.

To make inbound tourism more sustainable and competitive, our organization follows a three-pillar strategy that combines knowledge exchange with external partners and a supportive communication strategy with our internal sustainability initiative. The GNTB positions Germany as a sustainable and inclusive destination in the international travel market.

The GNTB is a pioneer in the use of immersive technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed reality), voice assistants and other conversational interfaces, and artificial intelligence applications such as chatbots. To ensure that tourism offers are visible on AI-based marketing platforms, the GNTB coordinates the German tourism industry’s open data and knowledge graphs project.

The GNTB has 25 foreign agencies that it manages from its headquarters in Frankfurt.

You can find more information in our online press center at www.germany.travel/presse. To download press photos, register via: https://dam.germany.travel


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