Dubai is not only the best city to live in, but also, with its stunning skyline, architectural wonders and mix of modernity and tradition, it stands out as the top destination for photographers seeking diverse and captivating subjects.

Be it the iconic downtown or marina skylines, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and other towering structures, or the vast Arabian Desert and its fascinating dunes, especially during sunrise or sunset.

We got in touch with photographers in Dubai, who make a living photographing landscapes or faces, and found out what attracts them to the camera and their favorite places in the city.

“I am drawn to photography as a medium that transcends words,” said Raihan Hamid, a Dubai-based photographer whose expertise lies in capturing the best of the city’s stunning skylines. He added: “With each shot, I embark on a quest to freeze fragments of time, encapsulating emotions and stories within the confines of a frame. It’s not just about taking photographs, it’s about creating visual stories that resonate and endure.” .

For Raihan, The Address Downtown is the best location, especially as it offers the best views to capture Dubai’s spectacular New Year’s fireworks, which are coming soon. “This vantage point provides an unparalleled view for this grand celebration at the iconic Burj Khalifa,” he said, adding: “It is important to note, however, that access to this venue is highly restricted, reserved for people with permits and cards. of specific access”. , as it is closely guarded for the big night festivities.”

As is the case with the roof of the Gevora Hotel in the center, the tallest hotel in the world. “Its rooftop offers a prime location to capture the lovely winter mist in the morning,” Raihan said.

Another popular rooftop for Dubai’s photography community is that of the Shangri-La Hotel in the centre. From here, Raihan said, “photographers can capture a stunning futuristic cityscape with the prominent Burj Khalifa as a striking centerpiece within the frame.”

Raihan also found a “unique point of view” to capture the impressive Museum of the Future, one of Dubai’s last architectural wonders. The photo was captured from a point located behind the museum, with some water reflections in play.

While the city has one of the best skylines in the world, it is no less rich in cultural wealth. The historic districts of Al Fahidi and Al Seef feature the best of traditional UAE architecture. The bustling souks provide a glimpse of the city’s heritage and offer photographers a fusion of old and new, creating a narrative of cultural diversity.

Rohit Sulakhe, another Dubai-based photographer, specializes in portrait photography. Your favorite place of his? The iconic Al Seef district.

There, he has taken more than a hundred photographs, filmed more than 15 cinematic videos and movies and yet the site remains the best because with each capture, a unique charm remains in his eyes and those of his audience.

“I have explored a wide variety of places in the UAE only to realize that Al Seef has been and always will be my favorite,” said Rohit. “Heritage colors, frames and structures add life to my already interesting clients, creating stunning results. Whether the session theme is traditional or Western, Al Seef has allowed my creative vision to flow freely.”

For Rohit, photography is anything but just “clicking a button and maybe some framing, lighting and other basic compositional requirements.”

“Anyone can push buttons and get a frame,” he said. “But it takes a connection to be able to capture the true soul of a moment and make it special.

“Thankfully, everyone’s new obsession with golden hour makes it a lot easier for me. It’s a magical time of day that translates into photos and videos.”

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