Previously, Caesars Palace Dubai was the first to present an article Forbes Travel Guide 2022: ртов для отдыха in Dubai. Or maybe it’s the same thing you’re talking about: it’s the way to go in the accommodation category: children, youth and truckers. нга and поклонников active отдыха.


Kurort Caesar Palace Dubai We are in Persidskom Zalive, in the world of Bluewaters, in October 2018. According to the previous article, this is the source of the Russian language and its modern technology. 500 meters beach and long-term trips: 200 ре сторанов и баров, торговый center The Wharf, музей мадам Тюссо, и семейный Comp leks TR88HOUSE is the PARCOM playground, where there are playgrounds, playgrounds and minigolf. What you are looking for is a large blue wheel. ктически весь эмират.

Most of the time it comes from the latest hardware in the country. The hotel takes 20 minutes to reach Jumeirah Beach Residence. This is where Bluewaters is located with the water bus (Marsh FR1 and BM3) and the Big Bus excursion bus. Dubai Double Airport is located 40 km from the airport, ь-Maktum airport — в 35 km.


On November 16, 2023, Caesars Entertainment will open the hotel: you can see it here. This is the date of the Ennismore (Accor) company.

Please note that the process does not include any tanning or pre-delivery to customers. A specialist will contact you by email.


Guest house with 479 rooms and 40 kilometer outlets. м (Deluxe Sea View) up to 315 кв. м (Royal Suite) with elegant and elegant interiors. Panoramic window, tropical hotel bathroom and shower, King Size large double bed and льные кровати double bed, an interior designed in Roman style. It is very convenient to use.

Quantity, luxury and apartments are conveyed through 32-inch television stations, individual air conditioning, Wi-Fi, security, minibar, ff еном, гладильной доской and утюгом. К услугам гостей — первоклассные cosmetic, fen, halat and faucets.

This is a long-term plan (starting from 30 nights) for Caesars Palace Dubai today. , обеденной и р The area and its surroundings vary slightly from person to person.


К услугам гостей курорта — 12 restaurants in the bar, каждый из которых засл уживает отдельн ого упоминания. I will miss this hell’s kitchen Legendary frontman Gordon Ramzi, who played 16 stars in “Mishlen.” Restaurant open for guests and guests, on the menu: знаменитые burgers, ири совый пудинг, парфе из куриной печени, то ртеллини с рикоттой, mitbol Contains parmesan and tomato sauce, rice and lobster and “Welly нгт” from the government. on”.

gastronomic restaurant demon duck Delicate Chinese cuisine reserved by chef Elvina Luna, with mystical and trembling golden sounds: утка по-пекински, хрустящи These are small and small.

b takahisa They provide authentic Japanese bluish лет чаван-муши с крабом, корокэ Суши и роллов), a B Venus This video is shown by an Italian in persidsky: guest house in the hotel рата и страчателла, карпаччо из говядины счерным трюфелем, moreproduk They are on the grill, on the grill, in the potatoes, in the pasta and in the rice, and in the desert where you live, it’s called lemon, panna-cotta, tiramisu and lemon sorbet.

Classic and delicious cocktails and light dishes, salads and delicious dinners at the bar and pool Neptune and Fortunein color bar Havana Social Club воссоздает atmosphere Кубы 1920-х годов and и предлагает под звуки джаза насладиться Ѝксклюзивной коллекц ией кубинских сигар. in beach restaurant cove beachform in средиземноморском пицц ы, роллы, сашими и нигири, спицти сморепр одуктами, tartar из тунца, сэ ндвичи, a т акже блюда, приготовленные на гриле.

Bacchic predlagaet разнообразие блюд французской and международной кухни в фо рмате “шв едский стол”, by the subbot, comes from the branch, to your phone This is a classic British style guest house.

at the beach club Venus You will find the greatest light in the ocean, granite and sea. Square предлагает отличный выбор напитков and и десертов, а в The living room s с террасой and и подают подают послеобеде нный чай со сладостями, and можно покурить кальян.

spa center

It is necessary to get the message from the heart of the spa: нтр QUA SPA, your hotel is programmed, programmed. It is an emotional and physical balance. The spa is dedicated to the face and body (for women, men and women). остков) саж с применением роматических масел, массаж горячими камням и, массаж д ля будущих мам и т. д.) and firm procedures. The credit of the device is controlled by a crystallized camera. “Qua Spa” Stone and warm gray stones (fabrics, затем — расслабляющий массаж с горячими камнями, очищающая маск а и кл), Iyashi Dome combat detoxification procedure (stacking in the body and the body of the body vanity in science and technology and the plasma go излучения способствуют выводу токсинов, уменьшению воспалени я и улучшению метаболизма нормализуют р abotu veget active nervous system) and Limfodrenazny massage from YOUNG LDN* (BTL Lymphastim non-invasive system)® способствует усилению оттока лимфы, normalization of blood, вы рвнивает кожу and и улучшает ее состояние).

Sports and activities

The core of the pool is crystal clear water and regulates its temperature, gym and TechnoGym multifunction mode, suitable for yoga and pilates, sauna, spa, gym fitness, table tennis and beach volleyball. Hydro Water Sports Center runs ocean and sea cruises, Turkey on hydrocarbons, water skiing, speed boats, large sport boats, Craig Cat boat, kayak and small boat.

For children

Our work is for the Empire Club children’s club and the playground and games company, for едлагающий массу развлечений самым юным гостям отеля (при This is from 3 to 6 years old, included in a single thematic group, from 7 to 12 — in a group. ). And for young people, they can now find Roam online, ровыми зонами and virtual reality.


The host of Caesars Palace Dubai cannot listen to music: with a music program, concerts and concerts, musical microphones and other programs джеев, тематич еские хиты 70-х and 80-х in the bar and the basin, in the summer and Latin nights in the Havana club, in the ое другое club).

Conference lectures

Conferences, seminars and promotions on your website in the Caesars Forum specialized center. The ship’s surface is 750 km. Most rooms can be booked in these common areas, with a cost of 700 people (кокт ейль) and 480 people (banketnaia рассадка). The address in the center is three conferences, probably for 80 people (per ктейль) and 25 гостей (бизнет) and полностью оборудованный бизнес- центр.


And what is the best way to protect yourself from winter and snow? At Caesars Palace Dubai you can visit tourists! Instructions for special activities:

  • 50% credit for 4 nights;
  • children under 12 watch and eat freely;
  • опция Dining for при бронировании полупансиона;
  • Wireless transfer from a station to the airport the number of categories is 5 nights (Dubai airport: terminals 1, 2, 3);
  • Wireless number display is based on the number category.

PO BOX 36555, Bluewaters Island, Dubai, United Arab Emirates