• The 2023 Dubai Airshow is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors, surpassing the 104,165 attendees of the 2021 edition, thanks to the absence of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

  • The airshow generated $74 billion in orders in 2021, with commercial aviation accounting for the majority, with Indigo Partners, Akasa Air, Jazeera Airways, Air Tanzania and Nigeria’s Ibom Air placing notable orders.

  • While general access to the air show is limited to industry professionals, the daily flight show is open to the public and includes displays of military aircraft equipment and the opportunity to see the Boeing 777X in action.



The 2023 edition of the Dubai Airshow is fast approaching. The biennial event held at Al Maktoum International Airport, south of Dubai, will welcome more than 1,400 exhibitors over the five days it will take place. The event is not only a place for those in the industry to network, but also serves as a regional aviation announcement hub, in addition to showcasing more than 180 aircraft.

1 More than 100,000 visitors are expected

The 2021 edition of the Dubai Airshow was the first major airshow to take place following the COVID-19 pandemic (the Farnborough Airshow was canceled in 2020 and the Paris Airshow was canceled in 2021). Despite travel restrictions still in place at the end of 2021, the airshow welcomed 104,165 visitors. Now that COVID-19 is largely a memory, it wouldn’t be a surprise if even more visitors attended the event. Dubai Airshow 2023.

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Interestingly, the air show provides a detailed breakdown of its 2021 visitors with a focus on the aviation sectors and regions of the world from which they came.



Commercial and general aviation


Middle East and North Africa


Commercial aviation




Defense and military


The Americas




rest of the world


2 $74 billion in orders placed in 2021

Many new aviation orders are often placed at the Dubai Airshow across all sectors of the industry. However, the most notable are those related to commercial aviation. At the 2021 air show, more than $74 billion in orders were added to order books, while military contracts worth more than $6.1 billion were signed. Airbus left the last show with 404 orders, while Boeing registered 101 orders.

Stan Deal and Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum shake hands after announcing Boeing 787 deal

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Some of the highlights were,

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3 Anyone can view the daily flight display.

Access to the airshow is strictly limited to aviation industry professionals. Unlike Paris Air Show Held in June, this show has no public access days. However, anyone can enjoy the daily flight spectacle. Event organizers build a grandstand outside the perimeter of the air show where the public can see everything from military aircraft equipment displays to the impressive Boeing 777X banking display.

Dubai Airshow-3

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Called “Skyview at the Dubai Airshow”, the grandstand also features live music and meets pilots and astronauts. To access the Skyview area, interested parties must register for free tickets, although the registration process for this area is not yet active. More information about Skyview can be found at Dubai Airshow Skyview Website. The area is open from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, and flights operate from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

4 More than 180 aircraft on display at the show

The 2023 Dubai Airshow will have more than 180 aircraft on display throughout the week, and so far it looks like the lineup won’t disappoint. The Boeing 777X made its debut at the 2021 Dubai Airshow and, although it is not confirmed, it is expected to return this year. More than 180 aircraft are expected to be featured at this year’s show. This year, aircraft from various sectors, including airliners, military aircraft, private jets and everything in between, are expected to attend the airshow.


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Some of the highlights of this year’s programming include,

  • Saudia expected to bring planes in its new “retro-look” livery

  • Startup Beond will show its business class Airbus A319

  • Emirates will bring a full range of commercial and training aircraft.

5 More than just an air show

The Dubai Airshow has become more than just an air show. Four conferences are co-located at the air show and cover topics on nine different topics over the five days of the show. The four shared conferences are called Aerospace 2050, Aviation Mobility, Vista and Airworthiness and Safety Conference.


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Lectures will cover the following topics throughout the week,






Aerospace 2050



NextGet leaders

Air mobility

Air traffic management

Passenger experience

Advanced air mobility

Diversity and inclusion


Home Center

Airworthiness and safety conference

Airworthiness and safety

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