Grand Mosque

There are countless beautiful places in the world that has got the best attractions for the entertainment of the people, but most of the people like to visit Dubai with their friends and families because it is known as one of the most beautiful places of the world. There are countless attractions in Dubai for the entertainment of the people. Though there are countless deserts in Dubai, but it is really very difficult to select one place for visiting. This is why most of the people like to plan long tours to Dubai, so that they can explore all the beauty of this beautiful state of the United Arab Emirates. One of the most popular attractions of Dubai is the Grand Mosque. A lot of people have been planning their visit to Dubai for visiting the Grand Mosque that is located between the textile souk and the Dubai Museum that is really very close to the small stream in the area of Bur Dubai that is south to the Hindu Temple.

The Grand Mosque was built originally in 1900 that was demolished and then built again in 1960. After that, the Grand Mosque again underwent a further rebuilding in 1998. This made the Grand Mosque look much more beautiful. Now, the Grand Mosque holds more than 1200 worshippers that is simply amazing. The non Muslims are not at all allowed to enter the Grand Mosque as it is only for the Muslims where they can worship according to the teachings of Islam. Only the minaret from the photography is permitted to enter the Grand Mosque. Basically, the Grand Mosque depicts the religion and the cultural life of Dubai that makes it really very popular all over the world and made it an attraction of Dubai as well.

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In terms of architecture of the Grand Mosque, the tallest imposing feature of this beautiful mosque is its minaret that is almost 70 meters tall and it is actually the tallest in Dubai. This makes the Grand Mosque look simply amazing. This resembles the lighthouse a lot. The sandy grey walls of the Grand Mosque are generally unadorned but there is also a large Quranic inscription that is found inlaid above the five columns of the entrance façade that sits at the top of the short flight of the six steps. A lot of people visit the Grand Mosque on regular basis for worshipping ALLAH.

Not just the adults, but the children also visit the Grand Mosque for the recitation of Quran. This has made the Grand Mosque really very popular all over the world and one of the best attraction of Dubai that countless people like to visit any way they can. People from different states of the United Arab Emirates as well as from different places of the world have been making their plans to visit Dubai either alone or with their friends and families, so that they can explore the beauty of this most popular mosque of Dubai – the Grand Mosque.