Dubai International Airport

This world is full of beauty. There are so many beautiful places in this world that are really very beautiful and worth visiting as well. Among these places, Dubai is one of the most beautiful places that is visited by countless people every year. There are countless attractions in Dubai that makes Dubai one of the most popular states of the United Arab Emirates. One of the most prominent attractions is the Dubai International Airport that makes Dubai really very beautiful. When it comes to the airports, most of the people look for the best services that fulfill their needs. The Dubai International Airport has actually solved this one big problem of most of the people. Most of the people from different states of the United Arab Emirates have been visiting Dubai just for experiencing all the best services of the Dubai International Airport as they are offered best by them.

                    dubai international airport     dubai international airport

Countless people on the arrival or departure to the Dubai International Airport have actually admired the beauty of this airport. The staff of this amazing airport is amazing. They are really very friendly and always ready to help their customers. This has made this airport best as well. This airport very efficiently deals with the arrival and departure of the flights. They have been serving the best and the most amazing services to the people in every possible way they can. This is why countless people from different places of the world have been planning for the Dubai tours with their friends and families.

The Dubai International Airport is actually one of the major airline hubs in the Middle East and is known as the main airport of Dubai. The Dubai International Airport is located in the Al Garhoud district that is 4.6 km; 2.9 mi east of Dubai. This major airport is basically operated by the Dubai airports company and is also the home base of all the Dubai international airlines, Emirates, FlyDubai and the Emirates SkyCargo as well. The Dubai International Airport has become the secondary hub for the Qantas last year in April. This airport basically consists of three terminals and has a total capacity of more than 80 million passengers annually. The terminal 3 is known as the second largest building in the world by the floor space and is considered as the largest airport terminal all over the world.

The Dubai International Airport has spread over an area of 8,400 acres of land. This makes it one of the largest airports of the world. It is also considered as the 2nd busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic. Moreover, the airport is also 5th busiest Cargo airport in the world as well that has been handling 2.44 million tonnes of cargo from the last year. The Government of Dubai have been providing the long and the short range of the search and the rescue services, police support, general purpose flights and the medical evacuation for both the airports and the VIP flights to the airport.