Though, there are countless beautiful places in the world, but most of the people like to plan their trips to Dubai as it is considered as one of the most beautiful places of the world. There are the best and the most beautiful attractions found in Dubai for the entertainment of the people. This is why Dubai is always super crowded with people, especially in the summers. The Dubai Autodrome is one of the most popular attractions of Dubai. A lot of people like to plan their trips to Dubai, so that they can experience the beauty of Dubai Autodrome.

The amazing Dubai Autodrome was opened in October 2004 with the final round of the LG super racing weekend that has been featuring the final rounds of the FIA GT Championship. Since the year 2006, the Dubai Autodrome has actually become a home to the Dubai 24 hour, a GT, sports car and touring car automobile endurance race open to both the professional as well as the semi professional teams. The Dubai Autodrome has been offering so many motor sport activities for the entertainment of the people, especially the ones interested in racing and all. There are held different motorsports competitions at the Dubai Autodrome that makes it more popular all over the world.